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Changing the way people find the right lawyer

Right Legal is an online lawyer referral service connecting Canadians with the right lawyer quickly and easily.
Secure, convenient, and designed to be a stress-free way to connect anyone to the right lawyer.

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questions online

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The essentials about Right Legal’s Lawyer Referral Service


We simplified the process of finding a lawyer. Access our service 24/7 and feel confident that Right Legal will provide you with the most accurate legal matches to efficiently address your legal needs.

Legal Expertise As Needed

Our goal is to ensure we have lawyers ready to serve you no matter what your need may be.  At Right Legal, experts within all areas of practice are at your fingertips, giving you access to the right the lawyer for your needs.


All your information is kept highly secure and protected on Canadian servers.

Right Legal Guarantee

Decide not to move forward with your matched lawyer? No problem! You only pay for our service if you undertake any legal work. 

Also, if our website is unable to find you the right match, there is no cost. We’ll even direct you to the applicable law society and let you continue your search from there.

Canadian Made

Right Legal was developed in Edmonton, Alberta, and has been specifically created to help Canadians connect to the right lawyer, quickly and without frustration.

Service Fees

There is a small referral fee that is attached to cost of your legal services.

Our fees are:

  • Up to $150 for basic transactional services (real estate, wills and estates)
  • Up to $300 for a more complex file (personal injury, criminal and family matters)

Our fee is deferred until your first invoice is issued by your lawyer.

Client's FAQ - More info

Our lawyer referral services are currently offered in the following Canadian cities:

Edmonton, Alberta