About Right Legal

In 2016, we started this exciting venture to provide Canadians with clear, connective choices for selecting a legal professional.  While working in Edmonton, we saw an opportunity to add value to the industry by introducing an alternative to the traditional ways of hiring a lawyer via directory, or referral from friends and family. This new online service platform was developed in Canada with a goal in mind:  simplify the daunting process of hiring a lawyer while presenting professionals with quality opportunities to grow

business. Our service provides an efficient and time saving method of hiring the right lawyer thanks to our advanced recognition platform that ensures we connect people with lawyers who fit their criteria, while maintaining your privacy and security throughout the process.


Over the past ten years people have become comfortable finding everything from a partner, to groceries, to their mortgage online, so why should hiring your legal professional be any different?
We thank you for trusting us and using our service.  We welcome any feedback you’re willing to provide and would love to personally discuss your experience with our service.

Danny Akers
Kevin Roberge
Co-Founders Right Legal

Right Legal simplifies the process for finding the right lawyer

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