Areas of Law – Quick Facts

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  • Business law“Business law” is a broad area of law that covers everything to do with businesses, from individuals carrying on business as sole proprietorships to legally incorporated companies employing hundreds or thousands of people. If you are operating a business and have some sort of legal question, Right Legal can connect you to lawyers able to answer it. You’ll want to connect with a business law lawyer if you have questions like the following:


    • You want to hire someone to work for your business or fire someone who currently works for you.
    • You’ve developed a new invention and you want to make sure you can legally protect it.
    • You had an agreement with another business, but they went back on the deal.
    • You need help understanding federal and provincial tax laws as they apply to your business.


    These issues and many more are the type of thing that business law lawyers deal with every day. Lawyers can and often do become even more specialized, such as tax lawyers, intellectual property lawyers (who deal with patents, trademarks, and copyrights), securities lawyers (who deal with buying and selling shares in corporations), commercial litigators (who deal with business disputes in courts of law), and many more.

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  • Criminal lawCriminal law is the area of law concerned with the Canadian Criminal Code, including offences, police powers, and sentencing, as well as any other offences established by provincial or federal legislation. Right Legal can connect you to criminal defence lawyers who can help you if any of the following has happened:


    • You’re unsure whether something you did was a criminal act, and need advice.
    • You’ve been arrested or charged with a crime, such as:
      • Drug offences, including trafficking and possession
      • Environmental or hunting and fishing offences
      • Any vehicle related offences
      • Violent crimes, sexual offences, or homicide


    Criminal lawyers have experience defending clients against many different types of criminal charges in Alberta’s three levels of court: the Provincial Court, the Court of Queen’s Bench, and the Alberta Court of Appeal. A criminal defence lawyer will help you understand the nature of the charges you’re facing, as well as explain to you the trial process and, if you are found guilty, the sentencing process under the Criminal Code.

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  • Employment lawEmployment law is the branch of law dealing with employment relationships, including unionization and labour disputes. If you are an individual with questions or concerns about your employment, Right Legal can connect you with lawyers who can answer questions like the following, and many more:


    • You were hurt at work and want to see if your employer can be held responsible.
    • You were harassed at work, including sexual harassment.
    • You were fired from your job and believe that you were wrongfully dismissed.
    • You’re concerned about your ability to join a workers’ union or stage a strike.


    Employment lawyers will be familiar with the employment legislation in Alberta, including the Fair and Family-Friendly Workplaces Act and the Employment Standards Code. If you’re concerned that you’ve been treated unfairly at work, or want to know what your rights are as an employee, Right Legal can help you find the right lawyer for the job.

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  • Family lawFamily law covers all legal proceedings relating to marriage and children, including divorce and separation, adoption, and the relationships between parents and their children. While some families can reach these sorts of agreements without a family lawyer, it is always recommended that you secure legal counsel when dealing with any sort of family matter. Right Legal can connect you to lawyers who can answer many family law questions for you, including:


    • You want to separate from or divorce your spouse (whether or not they will contest it).
    • You need to set up or vary an order for protection, custody, or child support.
    • You want to adopt a child (from Canada or internationally).


    Family law matters can often become heated and emotionally charged. Especially when children are involved, it’s important to have a family lawyer able to handle the matter and reach the best result for everyone involved.

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  • Immigration lawImmigration law concerns the identification of individuals as citizens or “aliens”, the rights, duties, and obligations associated with being a citizen or alien, and how aliens in Canada can apply to become Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Immigration lawyers also deal with work and student visas allowing foreign nationals to visit Canada for the purpose of work or education. You’ll want to speak to an immigration lawyer if:


    • You have questions about obtaining a work or student visa.
    • You want to move to Canada from another country and potentially become a citizen or permanent resident.
    • You are currently being, or fear that you will be, deported from Canada.


    Right Legal can match you with lawyers speaking a variety of languages and with experience handling immigration cases from a variety of nations. Through our processes, we’ll ensure that we find the right lawyer for you to help you with any immigration questions that you might have.

  • Personal injuryIf another person has injured you or caused you personal loss through their actions, you’ll want to speak to a personal injury lawyer to help you bring a claim against them. Personal injury cases are part of the law of torts, the area of law dealing with the harm one individual causes to another. You may have a personal injury claim if any of the following have occurred:


    • Someone hit you with their car or otherwise caused an automobile accident.
    • While on someone’s property, you slipped and fell or were otherwise injured.
    • A doctor or other medical professional caused injury to you through their treatment.
    • A member of your family lost their life due to some wrongful act.
    • Someone made or published untrue statements that damaged your reputation.


    Personal injury claims are often handled on a “contingency fee” basis, where the lawyer representing you will only charge you for their services if they win the case (since awards for personal injury claims are generally quite large). Any lawyers Right Legal connects you with will be sure to explain to you the difference between contingency fees and hourly rates and which one they will use.


  • Real estate law“Real property” is the area of law concerning land and permanent buildings attached to the land. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home or a piece of land, or have questions about a piece of real property, Right Legal can connect you with real estate lawyers who can answer your questions. In any of these situations, you’ll want to speak to a real estate lawyer:


    • You want to buy or sell a house or a piece of land.
    • You want to dig for oil or minerals on a piece of land that you own.
    • You own land that you want to rent out to a person or business.
    • You are renting a piece of property and are concerned about your rights.


    Lawyers working in real estate law can specialize in mineral and other subsurface rights, surface boundaries, the Land Titles Act, real estate conveyances (the transfer of real property from one person to another), or the law of mortgages on land or houses. Real estate lawyers will also understand the law of tenancy and the Residential Tenancy Act.

  • Wills and Estates lawWills and Estates lawyers handle all sorts of end-of-life arrangements, including drafting of wills, the creation of power of attorney and personal directive arrangements, and interpreting wills and advising the executors of the estates of deceased persons. If any of these apply to you, you’ll want to speak to a wills and estates lawyer:


    • You need someone to review or make changes to your will.
    • A family member is aging and you want to be able to help them with legal issues if they’re not able to take care of themselves anymore.
    • You’ve been named the executor for a deceased person and aren’t sure what to do.
    • You’ve been left out of a family member’s will, or have been left a gift based on unrealistic or impossible conditions.


    When making end-of-life arrangements, there’s no substitute for the advice of a legal professional. Right Legal can help you find lawyers with experience in all wills and estates matters, for yourself or a member of your family. It’s the job of these lawyers to help you and your family find peace of mind in difficult times.

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