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Polyamory: the Blind Spot of Family Law

Family lawyers are increasingly encountering a certain category of relationships that appear to be unaccounted for in law. Polyamory is a relationship which is not confined to two partners, but rather can vary in terms of scope, commitment, and …

Minister Ganley and Frank Friesacher

Changes Coming for Common-Law Couples in Alberta

Changes may soon be coming to Alberta’s legal framework surrounding common-law couples and how their assets are divided during separation, according to a new piece of tabled legislation titled the Family Statutes Amendment Act, 2018, which was first revealed …

World Intellectual Property Organization

Intellectual Property Developments – the Hague Agreement

Canada Officially Accedes to Hague Agreement on International Intellectual Property
In what will doubtlessly be a significant legal development for Canadian companies engaged in or considering international operations, acceded to the Hague Agreement (Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of …