Cannabis is now legal in Canada! What’s still illegal? (Part I)

Canada Cannabis Restrictions Part 1

Cannabis is now legal in Canada! What’s still illegal? (Part I)

Illegal uses of Cannabis in CanadaThings that are still criminal after the legalization of cannabis in Canada

As of October 17th (this past Wednesday), Bill C-45 (Also known as the Cannabis Act) came into effect, legalizing the recreation sale and use of cannabis products in Canada. Indeed, Canada is now the largest legal marketplace for cannabis in the world! That being said, there are still plenty of things surrounding cannabis use in Canada that are still illegal.

In this series of articles, we explore several things related to cannabis that are still illegal to do in Canada:

Exceeding legal limits of cannabis material in public.

The maximum amount of dried cannabis allowed to be carried at any time by an adult in public is 30 grams. Furthermore, a single cannabis seed is deemed to be equivalent of a gram of dried cannabis under the law. If you’re consuming a cannabis concentrate (often referred to as isolates or distillates), you’re only allowed to carry a maximum of 7.5 grams. The public carry limit on home-made cannabis edible products (such as pot brownies) is 450 grams.

Those found carrying more than the above limits could face a summary conviction – the maximum penalties of which are, a fine of $1000, 6 months in jail, or both, for first time offenders depending on the circumstances. Convicted repeat offenders face steeper charges of a $2,000 fine, one year in jail, or both.

The export or import of cannabis without legal authorization.

If you’re crossing the border, make sure to keep any cannabis products at home! It’s illegal to import or export cannabis products to/from Canada without a specific licence to do so. Furthermore, cannabis laws in your destination countries still apply. Click here to read more about cannabis use in Canada and crossing the Canada/US border.

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