Cannabis is now legal in Canada! What’s still illegal? (Part IV)

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Cannabis is now legal in Canada! What’s still illegal? (Part IV)

Illegal uses of Cannabis in CanadaThings that are still criminal after the legalization of cannabis in Canada

As of October 17th, 2019, Bill C-45 (Also known as the Cannabis Act) came into effect, legalizing the recreation sale and use of cannabis products in Canada. Indeed, Canada is now the largest legal marketplace for cannabis in the world! That being said, there are still plenty of things surrounding cannabis use in Canada that are still illegal.

From our article last week, we continue to explore things related to cannabis that are still illegal in Canada:

Sale of cannabis products without a licence.

Not just anyone can sell cannabis products – only those with authorization in the form of a provincial/territorial licence may do so. These are not easy to obtain and are tightly regulated. That being said, it’s perfectly legal to share your cannabis products free of charge. You’re allowed to give away up to 30 grams of dried cannabis at a time to another adult. The interpretation of this restriction gets a little fuzzy though when it comes to delineating ‘selling’ and ‘distributing’. Say you’re at a legal cannabis store and want to buy some cannabis for a friend – you’re certainly allowed to give it to that friend free of charge (so long as they are an adult and the total amount of dried cannabis is under 30 grams), but are they allowed to pay you back for it? Even though you are not making a profit from the transaction, the law is unclear on this.

Distributing cannabis through the mail.

If you’d like to legally give away some cannabis to a friend, make sure to do it in person. It’s currently illegal to send cannabis by mail without a special permit to do so.

Distributing cannabis to an organization.

While you can certainly give away cannabis to individuals (within legal limits), organizations may not purchase or possess cannabis without a licence.

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