Cannabis is now legal in Canada! What’s still illegal? (Part V)

Home-Grown Cannabis Plant Restrictions Canada

Cannabis is now legal in Canada! What’s still illegal? (Part V)

Illegal uses of Cannabis in CanadaThings that are still criminal after the legalization of cannabis in Canada

As of October 17th, 2019, Bill C-45 (Also known as the Cannabis Act) came into effect, legalizing the recreation sale and use of cannabis products in Canada. Indeed, Canada is now the largest legal marketplace for cannabis in the world! That being said, there are still plenty of things surrounding cannabis use in Canada that are still illegal.

Continuing from our article earlier this week, we conclude this series exploring things related to cannabis that are still illegal to do in Canada:

Growing more than four cannabis plants per household at home.

While you can grow your own cannabis at home on your property, each household is limited to a maximum of four plants. Note that these plants must be grown from legally obtained seed and not from young plants. This option is governed by the legal owner of the property. As such, you’re not allowed to grow cannabis on a rented property unless permitted by your landlord to do so. If you own more than two residences, you’re still limited to a maximum of 4 plants. It’s a maximum of 4 plants per household, not per house or per person.

Cultivation, propagation or harvest of cannabis outside your own home without a licence.

Only those with a special licence to cultivate cannabis are allowed to grow recreational cannabis outside their homes – even if it’s within the owner’s right to grow up to 4 plants personally. The law reads that these 4 plants per household must be cultivated at home – not at work or at a property that is not a private residence.

Public possession of a budding or flowering cannabis plant.

If you’re transporting one of your four legal home-grown cannabis plants in public, ensure they are not budding or flowering. If they are, make sure to trim off any buds or flowers! Adults in possession of cannabis plant bearing buds or flowers in a public place could be criminally charged and face up to five years in prison. Note that you’re only allowed to transport 4 plants at a time in public.

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