Cannabis is now legal in Canada! What’s still illegal? (Part III)

Cannabis is now legal in Canada! What’s still illegal? (Part III)

Illegal uses of Cannabis in CanadaThings that are still criminal after the legalization of cannabis in Canada

As of October 17th, 2019, Bill C-45 (Also known as the Cannabis Act) came into effect, legalizing the recreation sale and use of cannabis products in Canada. Indeed, Canada is now the largest legal marketplace for cannabis in the world! That being said, there are still plenty of things surrounding cannabis use in Canada that are still illegal.

Continuing from our previous article, we explore several things related to cannabis that are still illegal in Canada:

Distribution of Cannabis to minors.

Careful who you pass that joint to! It is still illegal to provide cannabis products to those under the provincial/territorial age of majority (18 in Alberta and Quebec, 19 in all other provinces and territories. Note that this says ‘provide’ and not ‘sell’. If you’re of the minimum age of majority and share cannabis products with a younger friends, you could face criminal charges punishable by up to 14 years in prison! Minors found carrying less than 5 grams of dried cannabis will not be criminally charged, but will be subject to seizure of the cannabis, notification of their parents/guardians, and could face penalties similar to underage possession of alcohol or tobacco.

Driving with a blood THC content greater than 2ng/ml

You may have seen signs posted recently that read “drunk or, same rules apply” That’s because, much like restrictions on alcohol consumption while operating a vehicle in an effort to stop drunk driving, there are new laws specifically addressing blood THC content restrictions to curb those that might be driving while high. If you’re caught driving with a blood THC content greater than 2ng/ml, you could be charged with impaired driving – now considered a ‘serious criminal offense’ in Canada with the passing of Bill C-46. Click here to read more about these new laws regarding cannabis use and driving in one of our earlier series of articles.

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