Clients FAQ’s – More details

  • First, you answer a series of questions to identify your specific legal requirement.  Based on the information you have provided, Right Legal will send an anonymous service request directly to the lawyers who have matched your requirements, and who are available to work for you. We provide our clients with relevant information in the form of service offers submitted by interested lawyers, to save you time and stress.
  • Signing up for an account and matching with suitable lawyers who are available to help you is free until you decide to formally hire a lawyer. To exchange contact information, you will be charged a flat rate depending on the complexity of the legal issue.

    Our fees are:

    • Up to $150 for basic transactional services (eg. real estate, wills and estates)
    • Up to $300 for a more complex file (eg. personal injury, criminal and family matters)

  • Right Legal provides you with quality information and offers a choice of professionals so that you can make an informed decision entered on your needs. Our platform reduces the time it may typically take to find suitable lawyer who is interested and available to help with your legal matter.

    In short, Right Legal simplifies the process while simultaneously saving you time.

  • All subscribed lawyers with Right Legal are members of a Canadian law society. We aim to ensure that a diverse pool of lawyers across many areas of specialization are available to serve you.
  • The client discovery process is a key phase in the beginning when you answer a series of dynamic questions so Right Legal may gather the relevant information that will be reviewed by potential lawyers in the client service request.
  • The client service request refers to the summary prepared by Right Legal to notify suitable lawyers meeting your criteria determined by the information your provided.
  • Once you have completed this step, there is a brief waiting period to allow for suitable lawyers to review your file. Only subscribed lawyers matching a client’s legal needs have the ability to review the client service request to:
    1) Express interest in the client’s file, and;
    2) Provide commentary and/or prepare for your first meeting.
  • After submitting a client service request, all lawyers interested in working on a specific file must first submit a Service Offer to the client to review.  You will be notified by email with a direct link to view all Service Offer(s) received, but making a selection is not possible until the offer period has expired.
  • A service offer contains general comments, how long the lawyer been practicing, the size and type of firm they work at, their area of expertise or primary focus, are they a partner or an associate, approximate file cost, file billing type, and an anonymous bio telling you about their values, beliefs, and accomplishments.
  • Clients of Right Legal have the ability to set a time limit depending on how soon they may require help.

    For example, if you require a lawyer to review your new tenant and landlord lease agreement, you may select 4 days for lawyers to submit service offers. Alternatively, you may be looking for a divorce lawyer and 15-day time limit may be more reasonable.

  • Our detailed questionnaire is designed to narrow down your search from the pool of lawyers based on your legal needs you have specified and personal preferences such as location, language, time sensitivity, experience, and affordability.
  • When you have chosen a service offer, Right Legal exchanges the contact information of both parties and you begin to prepare for your first meeting.

    Unfortunately, we do not provide legal advice nor make any recommendations on which lawyer is the best fit for you. When all legal needs are complete, we look forward to receiving your internal feedback and lawyer rating.

  • As a client of Right Legal, you have up to 14 days to reselect from the original options of service offers received. Go to your client service request details found within your account profile to inform us of the reason for your change so that we re-activate your selection process from the original service offers received.
  • All information collected in your client service request is safely secured on Canadian cloud servers in accordance with the PIPEDA Act.

    Although our service is anonymous, we highly recommend that you only summarize the details of their legal needs, and not include any personal or sensitive information such as names, contacts, SIN numbers, incriminating statements, evidence within any of the input fields.

  • All information collected in the Service Request Summary is safely secured on Canadian cloud servers in accordance with the PIPEDA Act.

    Although our service is anonymous, we highly recommend that our clients summarize only pertinent details of their legal needs, and refrain from including incriminating statements, evidence, SIN Numbers, names, and contact information within any input fields.

  • Until a lawyer is selected, all information provided in your client service request is 100% anonymous. All information reviewed by lawyers is bound by each jurisdiction’s law society Rules and Code of Conduct as governed by the Legal Profession Act.

    If there is any conflict of interest once you have met the lawyer you selected, please consult Right Legal to review other service offers and select another lawyer.

  • Feel free to provide honest feedback about our service. When your legal issue is complete, we encourage you to provide feedback and internal lawyer rating.

    If a legitimate concern emerges with a lawyer during the legal process, we advise you to direct your comments to your professional first. However, if you want to register a formal complaint with the Law Society, we ask that they visit the applicable link below:

  • Our platform uses your feedback to improve future match results, but also to proactively address any of those concerns with our subscribed lawyers. Having a detailed screening process will better align expectations between both the client and lawyer and in turn improve the overall experience.