Details – Right Legal’s service for Lawyers

  • The first step to obtaining new business is to create a lawyer profile and complete your account details here There are no costs upfront and your monthly enrollment fees are waived until you open your first client file.
  • We complete a portion of the initial client discovery phase to help provide more accurate opportunities for lawyers to grow their business. Our service reduces the due diligence work associated with a new client that a lawyer and their office may spend on a prospective file.

    Enrolled members control the type of new opportunities they wish to be notified for and are only made aware of files that are relevant to them.

  • Working with our external marketing partners, we execute a potent, multi-channel marketing program. Using digital, traditional and non-traditional marketing activities, we drive traffic to our site and educate potential clients on the benefits of the service.
  • The client service request is comprised of relevant information compiled using our dynamic questionnaire, unique to each specialized area of law, to determine a prospective client’s legal needs, and preferences in selecting a lawyer. Right Legal completes a portion of the initial discovery phase so that a lawyer can more effectively gauge their interest, availability, and experience relative to each opportunity presented.
  • A service offer is a document generated by Right Legal to be completed by the interested lawyer for a prospective client to review.  Once a lawyer is notified by email to review a client’s service request and wishes to work on the file, the lawyer signs into their account profile to fill in a service offer that includes general comments, billing type, cost or retainer amount (as applicable), and anydocument requests required to better prepare your new client for the first meeting.
  • Right Legal clients have the ability to set a time limit depending on how soon they need help. A Service Offer expiry is listed on each client service request file located on a lawyer’s profile dashboard.

    For example, if a prospective client requires a lawyer to review a residential lease agreement, they may select 4 days for lawyers to submit Service Offers. Alternatively, someone requiring a divorce lawyer may decide a 10 day offer limit.

  • Lawyer profile information is only viewable by prospective clients who have received a Service Offer from an interested lawyer.  At this stage, contact information remains anonymous so the prospect can focus on a lawyer’s expertise, size of firm, language, availability, gender, age range and billing rate etc. together with general comments as it relates to the client’s service request file.
  • Once a service offer is accepted, a Direction to Pay is generated automatically in the name of the client by our service and is provided to his/her lawyer, deferring our flat-rate fee to the first Statement of Account issued by a lawyer. The fee must be paid within 60 days and is listed as a disbursement line item titled “Right Legal Service Fee” on a lawyer’s invoice issued to the client.
  • After receiving a notification, lawyers review the new client service request, and if interested, they hit the ‘Submit Offer’ button to begin outlining special considerations, comments, cost, terms, and applicable document requirements for the first meeting. Depending on the file type, a lawyer’s Service Offer may remain pending for up to 30 days following submittal while the prospective client reviews offers.
  • By signing into their account profile and selecting the appropriate tab on their dashboard, lawyers can make changes to their account information. Changes can be made 24/7 and are reviewed internally by Right Legal.
  • Lawyers are notified by email with their new client’s contact information so that they may initiate a first meeting.

Right Legal helps lawyers build a better practice.