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Right Legal is a Canadian-made professional lead generation
web service that uses an algorithm-based program to connect qualified
lawyers with potential clients. We help lawyers grow their practice
efficiently and effectively by matching them with the right clients.

Fill out profile and
identify desired file types

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email when matched

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Right Legal
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Right Legal Service essentials for Lawyers


We simplify lead development by gathering the important information from your new client to reduce the time and effort you spend on your initial discovery process.

Generate Leads

We connect clients with lawyers in all specialized areas of law. Manage your profile listing on Right Legal to ensure you only receive new opportunities relevant to your area of practice.


All potential client and lawyer information is kept highly secure and protected on Canadian servers in accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).


Right Legal was developed in Edmonton, Alberta, and is specifically built to help Canadians connect with lawyers.

Your Costs

Lawyers enroll in our service for $100/month.

  • The Right Legal Guarantee: Until you receive a new client using our service, our enrollment fee is waived.
  • Client Fees: In exchange for using the convenience
 of our algorithm-based matching service, Right Legal charges a fixed fee to clients prior to engaging with a lawyer of their choosing. Our service fee is fully disclosed to all prospective clients before your Service Offer is accepted.

For additional information on our subscription policies please see here.

“The efficiencies gained using Right Legal allows me to focus more on practicing law and less on business development”

Real Estate Lawyer located in Edmonton, Alberta

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Right Legal helps lawyers build a better practice.